Tradition, reliability, innovation

MASPED Group has been characterized with reliability, proficiency and correctness since its establishment in 1948. Our aim is to provide you comfort and service with the help of our seventy-year long professional experience and innovative way of thinking. Social responsibility, participation in professional organizations and sustainable ethical way of thinking in business is essentially important for our companies.

Successful investments of MASPED Group play an important role in forwarding, property management trade and tourism.

1 companies
1 employees
1 billion HUF revenue

Significant investments

Social responsibility

Based on our more than seven-decade tradition and the commitment of our employees our goal is to pay special attention to the long-term interests of the Hungarian society, as well as to the aspects of sustainability and environmental protection. There are two main pillars of our social responsibility, sport and the support of young forwarders. As a sports-loving company we are proud to be the logistics provider of the Hungarian Olympic Team, contributing to the success of the Hungarian team, while the István Kautz Memorial Award was founded to recognize the most talented young forwarders.

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